Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time is flying this week brought the one month mark. That was kind of disappointing. I didn’t realize it until the middle of the day. It is crazy how fast time goes. I think that I am more ready to go home than last time but it is still scary to think I will never be back here again or at least not for a while. So that is that.

My week. Monday I had classes like normal and an assignment due that I had to work on and hand in. Monday night we had our final peer ed braai. We had it aandklas and they had a few free bottles of wine for us and we hung out and talked for a while. We devised some plans that will allow me to stay in the country like me hiding out in the dunes of Namibia for a couple of years and then sneaking back in to the country and changing my identity. I also have 2 marriage options. One with Louis because if I am married for 2 years than I get to be a citizen so he said that we could do that as long as it is a cultural marriage so that he can have multiple wives...its legal if you can prove you are part of the Zulu culture. Jean-Marie said that she would be willing to do it if we could live in America for a while so she could become an American citizen (same sex marriage is legal here). So these are just options and part of what we discussed. We also had pasta salad, potato salad and Greek salad and then you could have brought meat to braai but I didn’t. It was great to hang out with everyone. This is one group that I know I am going to miss.

Tuesday I didn’t have my eight o clock class because we had covered everything for the course and therefore didn’t need to have class...this is the last week of classes. But I did have my other class so I went to that and we watched a pretty sad movie called Red Dust, which was a fictional movie about a case brought in front of the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It was good. That night I went to Hillbillies house where we had a review session for the Sociology final the next day and spent the evening there studying then hanging out with Chelsea. It was great. Wednesday I didn’t have class except for the exam so I went for a run in the morning and spent the day studying. It was wicked warm this day not like winter. But I took my sociology exam...I think that it went fine and then came back and studied for my GIS exam on Thursday. Thursday I went to my class and went to a lecture called "
Land resources conflicts and prospects for the development of sustainable natural resources use policy frameworks in post-war Southern Sudan" It was pretty interesting but the guy talking was kind of hard to understand but what I could I enjoyed. I then studied for the rest of the day for my GIS exam and ended up doing fairly well. I could have done better but I was pleased enough. I also realized that I had my last class today at Stellenbosch, which is really strange to me.

Friday I didn’t have class but I went shopping to get a shirt for the end of the semester dinner that was that night. I ended up getting 3 shirts and a necklace for R110, which I was pleased about because that it less than $20 and they are nice. I then went out to lunch with Chels and came back here and got ready for the end of the semester dinner. We went to Calcuccio's and could all order a drink under R20 anything more was on you so I got a chocolate milkshake it was delicious but people made fun of my choice. We then drove to an SOS camp (which is like boy scouts here) and had some veggies, chips and dip and boerwors for dinner. We had a slideshow and some speeches and it was very sad. That night I danced the night away and had loads of fun. I didn’t go to bed until 4:30. It was so great. The next day we packed up and cleaned up and then I came home and ate something, unpacked and took a nap. Saturday I didn’t do much I watched a movie read and basically lounged around. Here are some pictures:

on the way to Franshoek


Chels..she looked great

Me, Chels and Michelle

Caitlin and Morgan

Jacqui and Me

William, Grant and Ernst singing us there speeches

Whiteny, Me and Grant

I am pretty gangster now..if you didnt know

I think Laura is a little better than me

Oh some of the dancing

Chels and me

Mathew, Chels, Me and Grants hair

Chels, Me and Grant (Chels didnt get the funny face memo)

Me and Ernst

Grant and I

I promise I do like Chels

Today Chels came over and we hung out. I then showered and Katy and I went to the park where I started to study for my final. It was nice and we saw lightning and heard thunder, which was awesome but only twice. I was hoping for a good thunderstorm. So that has been my week. Stay well.

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Nancy said...

Thanks for the post. It is great to hear what you are doing way across the Atlantic.